Tayos-Walking between Giants

© Manuel Palacios, Tayos cave man

Hernan Bado, researcher, expert in processing and image restoration, who is publishing on his blog about his own work on recording and making visible images where they captured who we call “our invisible friends” or “friends of the magical town.”

My friend who is very serious in its approach and methodology, today, August 3rd, when I turn of this present incarnation 11.323 days, 1617 weeks, have got from him a sublime work of photo analysis that was based on some pictures (Palacios Toral Archive) taken during the expedition to the Tayos together with Teleamazonas in 2010, as also the different “paranormal” experiences occurred inside the cave system.

The premise to deliver the photos is that taking each of them was related to a special fact, a feeling of heat or cold, or feeling supported, or sustained.

This is the first time I talk about my experiences I have no proof for inside the underground system. I had’nt done it before to maintain a certain “seriousness and focus,” showing just what can be demonstrated. However this experience has taught me that seriousness and approach means also, even if not believing you, to go ahaid and do what you owe.

To quote Jung: Because there are Things man has no evidence, does not mean they do not exist.

Hernan says: “For almost a year, Manuel Palacios, eminent epigraphist, linguist and researcher of Ecuador, sent me a set of photos to work in analysing them. The pictures were taken during a major expedition to the Tayos Cave held in the same year 2010. “

“Much has been researched and written about the Cave of the Tayos and continues remaining even today, a deeply mysterious place, holding mysteries and secrets that have not been unveiled yet.”

Hernan is right when he says “much has been written about Tayos.” True, and in many cases it was done by people who never deeply studied and also never have been in that place. They claim that all caves are the same. Or pretend to be gurus and unique owners of the truth, always collecting and hiding information, looking for partners they care only for getting the extracted materials, but never providing anything to others.

It is an immensely rewarding birthday present, in this time of new revelations, of media, so I felt immediately that this gift was not only for me but should open it and spread it. Thanks my Friend, for your contribution. Then the video as a result from this collaboration

 English  translation of the Video:

In 2010 there was a major expedition into the mysterious Cueva de los Tayos (Tayos cave). One of the participants was the Ecuadorian linguist and researcher Manuel Palacios  /Later he sent me some photos, chosen … by him, for investigation / Manuel commented about his own experience: I felt like returning to my origins, was shirtless, in  underpants, no shoes, was not afraid of snakes, tarantulas and bats /  The place was quiet .. I was like being at home ……like resting .. / When I analyzed the pictures I met the unbelievable and sended the message: Manuel, you’ve been walking among giants!    /  THE TAYOS-WALKING AMONG GIANTS   / I felt I was guided …..in my dreams I was curled up on the legs of an oversize woman . .. white legs with such a thin skin that arteries and veins were visible/Sometimes the images were overwhelming … the darkness is so revealing, but my filters were not yet completely clean …. everything was confusing ..   /  Of the 20 people who went down, 4 feeled strange things. A soldier was saved from death by something, on 2 occasions  /  I myself fell in an underground river, that who knows where it could have taken me, but a stalactite, miraculously saved me  / I had strange dreams .. and the sensation of missing time / when I left the cave .. I just wanted to get back



While we are sure about our brothers from space teaching us many things in this New Age, they also tell us that it is better to recover the so-called lost knowledge of the Golden Age or Saturnal Age of the Earth when men spoke with the gods and angels. Man can search in the skies of Earth for a guide at the moment, but if scientific knowledge is wanted it must be looked for in the secret places, in those places where Mother Earth will bring forth a Knowledge that she had protected and cared for within herself for thousands of years and will soon be born in the Outer World of men. Indeed, the pains of giving birth began.

(The Secret of the Andes, by George Hunt Williamson)



© Manuel Palacios, Tayos cave man

Translation by Korina Muller

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