Legendary Metal Library Found in Tayos Cave in Ecuador

To whom it may concern;

(I wish to include the Shuar people and The National and International Scientific Community)

I, Manuel Palacios Villavicencio, researcher and editor of the website http://www.tayoscave.wordpress.com

declare that the statements made on the site:


Is only disinformation, it seems it is a strategy, which aims to indispose us, in front of the Political and Religious Authorities of the Honorable Shuar People and obscure the work we’ve been doing since 2006 with them.

Since This picture has MY copyright, I demand you remove it immediately.

By The Way the information contained in the “article”, also, is nothing more than a compilation of at least 3 bibliographic sources:

“Tayos Gold” by Stan Hall,

“Lírico y Profundo” by Guillermo Aguirre and

“Gold of the Gods” by Erich Von Däniken.

I am Also concerned because the names of this “team of explorers” are not specified or noted.

Because I own this picture!! (Copyright and all rights to it) I welcome you to Please go to my web page for details and information about Me and the work that I do with the Tayaos Caves and Artifacts.
Which, the way it is published in the article, it could be presumed that I am part of that team. I am NOT!!

I do not and will not allow my work to be used, as in this case, by Something / Someone that is perpetuating a “SCAM”!!!
*** It is my responsibility to bring attention to this ***
“Operation of Dis-Information”
I am saying this, for the following reasons:

1. The article above is not signed.

2. It does not mention names of those on this team.

3. It does not specify the date of the discovery.

4. It does not mention the name of the radio station nor the show this Information was released or a date, of where and when this news was Supposedly Broadcast.

For those who know me already, are aware that I am one of The Ecuadorians, Defending The Rights of OUR Native Peoples, always watching over the truth and the preservation of Tangible and Intangible cultural heritage of my country. My work has always been spread with Transparent Solidarity, and Freedom to decide for yourselves . Please, remember this,  I Will Never agree to be used to mislead people, or to allow Deceit or Trickery to create controversy or to make people think these things, unless I know them to be true .

I declare this in all honesty, See for yourselves.

Thank you for your time, sincerely,

Manuel Palacios Villavicencio


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5 pensamientos en “Legendary Metal Library Found in Tayos Cave in Ecuador

  1. Anónimo


  2. Paul Young

    The greatest thing that can happen now is proving the story with photo and video evidence. Without proof the tale is just too fantastic. The Mormons have long predicted that a room full of a library of books etched on metal would one day be discovered. If this is part of that record then it needs to be protected and preserved. At least make a digital record of the books before you melt them down for scrap. Making an announcement before securing the artifacts was both foolish and very suspect. I pray this is not a hoax. Dr. Paul J. Young, M.A., J.D.

  3. Hay mis hijos!

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  5. Stephan Braun

    Manuel Palacios Villavicencio is the real deal ! This Ecuadorian investigator follows the only way to all the treasures from that very far past, preserved and protected by the Shuar people, most people have no idea what magnificent story is behind those artefacts left there so long ago, a story that will totally change our view of the world so many thousands of years ago, a world where there were airplanes and contacts with other civilizations all over the world ! Thank you Manuel !!!


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