(Preliminary report 03/11/2013 )

by Manuel Palacios. Translation by  Rito Banderas. TAYOS CAVE TEAM


ERN 009 Manuel

A recent news broadcast and blindly accepted internationally, showed the existence of a “pyramid of Giants ” in Ecuador . The manipulation of information revealed something that happens every day in Latin America: We only put value on foreign sources and dismiss our own. The pictures showed arbitrarily deleted faces of people and also placed watermarks, These pictures were the same as some prominent researchers had shared a year ago , without receiving any recognition . The International information included a video of a character inviting a crusade to assist financially in the project for further investigation, which could not occur, because he could continue what has been started. And obviously, to not show photos or videos of themselves, it was revealed that not even stepped on Ecuadorian territory.


This attitude is repeated often from tourists by having camera in hand and sightseeing tours (later argue are high-level expeditions) which were really just hours at the site  (but then argue that have researched for several days) in certain ways  , they believe themselves capable of writing books write as experts , even considering themselves more knowledgeable real researchers.


For this reason , and outraged by media manipulation in which they fitted pictures of objects that had little or nothing to do with the discovery and research ignored the Ecuadorians decided to coordinate the logistics of the First Official Expedition (it was made possible with technical support Iwias School ) . The team of explorers, called PachaTerra , composed of Ecuadorian entrepreneurs who share the hobby of researching on-site and we have covered the gap left by competent professionals .


We were led by the structure by Wilder, who said he had discovered the structure a year ago. However, after he answered several of my questions, it may appear the possibility that this site might have been discovered a decade ago. It is important that researchers like Manuel Vieira , Bolivar and Juan Morales and the writer of this report , have joined forces to spread , investigate and protect the find. After nearly five hours of rough road , slippery and somewhat dangerous ( there is a path where risk its known for its attacks of  Africanized Bees) , and also  included an initial decent of nearly 300 meters, then climbing a waterfall to meet finally as  if it were our reward for the effort with a splendid image : huge blocks of sedimentary rock in a pattern that clearly reveals its artificial origin , prepared in the similar manner as  of the Inca and Caniari megalithic structures , evidenced by capricious orders and irregularly shaped blocks ( to saturate specific spaces ) which, however, mostly had dimensions of about 150x80x70 cm .


As I stated before it is an interesting structure, about 80 meters high, with blocks of sedimentary rock that could be defined as compacted clay having the properties of concrete (a type of ancient knowledge now lost). Studying the structure’s geomorphological behavior it shows to be independent of the mountain which further reveals its artificial origin.


After geo-referencing the area and performing a recognizance of which at this moment I will not go into details, we completed our first  official expedition  and we are looking forward to continuing this research work of this Amerika Prohibida (Forbidden Amerika)


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  1. Excellent Manuel. You have my interest and I am looking forward in finally meeting you face to face. I love your work. Keep it up. Steve

  2. Bravo Manuel…Always the sensationalism above the line in the breakings news media….RT is very yellow in that aspects….This type of sudden speculations doesn’t help serious investgations…as the stones could be also natural, and non evidence of the real giants…as usual…nada Nuevo bajo el sol

  3. gracias manuel por tus aportes te escuche hoy a traves e mantra y me ancanto tus relatos sigue adelante siempre un abrazo

  4. Oscar Valenzuela

    Es dificil entender como se distorciona la realidad por supuestos científicos. Esta pared es de origen natural, según el informe que tengo en mis manos realizado por el Instituto Nacional de Patrimonio cultural.

  5. Manuel Palacios

    Lo más es entender como puede realizarse un informe desvalorizante, en un reconocimiento de menos de 24 horas. Nosotros solo hemos dado un informe preliminar, y no es interés en suplantar el papel de los “científicos”, sino el de articular conclusiones. Un informe detallado y preciso debería ser el resultado de un reconocimiento en el área de no menos de 2 meses.


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